Sunday, March 17, 2013

My Upcycled Store Display!

When I got the news that my gratitude jewelry line, Take Time, was accepted to be sold in BeachCrafters, I was beyond excited, and then scared as heck knowing that I needed to come up with a fantastic display! And immediately I knew that my display had to be unique and upcycled!

First step was finding a display that was the right size and right look for what I was going for. Instead of going out and buying a shelving unit, I chose one that has very personal and significant meaning to me: a shelving unit that once belonged to my grandfather, someone who was like my surrogate father, someone who was the one of the most important people in the world to me.

Our house is filled with many people and many boxed memories. We found the shelving unit in our garage, and it just so happened it was the perfect measurements! I was excited and overwhelmed. I know that my grandpa is immensely proud of me.

Next step was to clean it up and make it unique! Cleaning the metal was a simple process of my mom and I scrubbing it down in our front lawn. She was so excited to know I was using this specific unit.

The shelves were made of pressboard. The unit is probably from the 1960s at our best estimate. Years of storage and use means the shelves were slowly starting to disintegrate. Keeping those boards was not an option!

Mom and I measured the boards and went to Home Depot, which turned into quite a fun trip. We purchased plywood, not too thick but very sturdy. I chose a paint from the Martha Stewart collection, black with tiny flecks of gold in it. The paint wasn't glittery, but it was was shiny and unique.

I spent a few hours over two days, painting the boards. They turned out fantastic, especially considering I haven't painted a single thing, art or otherwise, for quite a few years!

The end result was a beautiful upcycled shelving unit that would look beautiful as a standalone piece in our house, and also looks amazing as a display unit that shines but lets the pieces shine brighter.

The display unit looks beautiful in the store! You can stop by and see for yourself at BeachCrafters, 4244 Atlantic Avenue in Long Beach CA.

What has been one of your favorite upcycling projects that you've done or you've seen?

Monday, March 11, 2013

"Help Us Help Kids" Charity Auction!

We're only FIVE DAYS away from the start of the "Help Us Help Kids" Charity Auction at the Brianne's Basics FB Fanpage!

Our first auction will run from March 16-23, and 100% of the proceeds go to Walk For Kids benefitting the Ronald McDonald House!

We're still accepting donations of collectibles, handmade items, jewelry, gifts, autographed items, you name it! If you have something you'd like to donate, please email us at for more information! We'll be promoting the auction and our donors all week to our founder's 3000+ followers on all social media platforms!

We have a second auction planned in April as well, for the American Heart Association!

This is our 4th consecutive year for Walk For Kids, and my mom is a survivor (double bypass/valve replacement). I look forward to two fabulous events & promoting the heck out of the wonderful businesses who are participating! THANK YOU again for your continued support!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

My Charity Memoir, FREE This Weekend Only!

TWO DAYS ONLY! My charity memoir, My Work Of Heart, is available for FREE Kindle download this weekend only!

Why? Plain and simple! I wrote this book for inspiration, for those who want to get back but think it's only giving your money, for those who think 5Ks are the only ways to raise money, for those who would benefit from the 50 tips and tricks I list in the back!

My charity memoir is FREE until Sunday, March 10, at 1159pm PST

About the book: "This charity memoir, told from the point of view of a mother, wife, and avid volunteer, chronicles a journey through one family's year of giving. Through the difficult times, medical issues, and much more, one family kept giving back to others. That one year changed their lives, and touched so many others.
..........This heartfelt memoir includes tips and tricks for your family to give and volunteer without going broke."

Don't have a Kindle? Check out THIS article about Kindle apps for your smartphone or tablet!

I hope you enjoy the book! Please leave a review and let me know your thoughts. Thank you as always for your continued support!

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