Saturday, October 6, 2012

"Take Time"... A new way to reflect

INTRODUCING... "Take Time", my new jewelry line to promote an attitude of gratitude!

So often we're too consumed with our daily lives and responsibilities, and we forget to TAKE TIME to breathe, to reflect, to be grateful. Each necklace features a 4 second sand timer hourglass as the centerpiece, which is all you need to give thanks and breathe.

Every single necklace is different. No two are alike. Each necklace is as unique as your life. The majority of our beads and accents are purchased at a thrift store that gives back to local organizations, and then creatively reused and repurposed into these one of a kind necklaces.

These necklaces make the perfect commemorative or holiday gift, or even a treat for yourself!

Each necklace will be posted individually on our website & sold at on our Facebook page with pricing and ordering information. Once the necklace is sold, it's sold! Remember, every one is different!

It only takes a moment to reflect.

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