Monday, November 28, 2011

Win A OOAK Rachel Berry Amigurumi From The 2011 AMAs Gifting Suite!

I am giving away a RACHEL BERRY AMIGURUMI, as seen at The IndiExhibit table at the American Music Awards!

Tickets are $2 each, or 3 for $5.

1st prize: Rachel Berry handmade crochet amigurumi 2nd prize: A gift bag of items from The IndiExhibit members, as given to celebrities at the American Music Awards Gifting Suite Every participant also gets a coupon for my online store.

100% of the proceeds will go to the Ronald McDonald House. I have a friend who has frequently stayed there while her daughter was in the hospital, and I love what they do.

TO PURCHASE TICKETS, send via Paypal to briannesbasics {at} ymail {dot} com. OR if you live locally, you can purchase tickets by messaging me.

This Rachel Berry doll is one of a kind, and was on display at the American Music Awards. As seen on The Insider, soon to be in ET & US Weekly.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

An Extra Special Doll For An Extra Special Person

I just spoke with the doll recipient, and she said I can blog it.

The extra special doll is for... LORETTA DEVINE! One of my favorite actresses!

We met at the Primetime Emmys, and she fell in love with my Sue Sylvester doll. She said she crochets, but can never get her stitches perfect like mine LOL A few weeks later, she called about ordering a doll. Out of respect, I never mentioned who the "extra special doll" was for. But I spoke with her tonight about delivery, & she said I can absolutely blog about it.

Ms. Devine is someone I admire, respect, and I'm a fan of. Not only that, she crochets. So creating this doll was an exciting and nerve wracking experience.

So here it is. I wasn't given any details or guidelines, she just told me she wanted a mini doll of her & she knew whatever I came up with would be "wonderful". What an amazing compliment!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pixie & Nora Need Your Help!

Most of you remember the adorable amigurumi I made for my friend Nora Blansett. I made a pet tribute named Pixie. I absolutely loved making Pixie. I couldn't stop looking at her picture because she is so darn cute!

Unfortunately Pixie is now sick, very sick, and Pixie and her owner Nora need our help.

Nora has set up an auction on Facebook at her page Not only am I donating an amigurumi, but I'm also donating my proceeds from my November sales to Pixie's health fund! You can see the auction on Facebook. So please SPREAD THE WORD, and order your amigurumi today! Help this adorable dog and her loving master.

Pixie's situation, in Nora's own words:
My dog, my beloved Pixie, is very sick. She has multiple tumours and the doctor is pretty sure she has breast cancer. So here's the thing: I need to raise $1200. NOW. She has to have major surgery right away -- and fact is, I don't have $1200. I'm selling everything. EVERYTHING. The originals will start at $25. Just $25. The bidding will go for a week for each piece and bidding must be in $1 increments. Ever want a $500 painting for the cost of a pizza? Now is your chance. My art doesn't mean anything to me without my Pixie. Shipping is $10 and not included in the price. Multiple purchases can be combined. I *WILL* be adding more ART, DOLLS and JEWELLERY over the days and weeks ahead. If what you want isn't here yet, it will be. I've had some questions about donating -- and I will gladly accept them by paypal: I'm going to scan in the veterinary hospital estimate, Pixie's photo, give a little background and set up an "Event" with all the information. I'm really disorganized right now. I knew when I felt the tumours what they were and got her to the vet immediately, but the reality is setting in and instead of feeling more together, I'm actually feeling MORE disorganized. Pixie wasn't spayed because I'd hoped to have a litter... just one pup... for when she's gone. She has refused every single stud I've offered her. I suppose she always knew that she'd be one-of-a-kind to me. When I went to see about getting her spayed, I was informed she had a massive heart problem. I decided NOT to risk it, and now the fact that she never had litter and is still intact has caused her to develop breast tumours. She's seven, and the doc said this isn't "unexpected" -- but I prayed a lot over the years to spare her any problems associated with not being spayed. Unfortunately, my fears have happened and at the very worst time, too. Those of you who will be bidding or donating have my most sincere thanks. There aren't any words I can tell you to explain what this will mean to me.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dollars For Dominic: Helping A Family Rocked By Tragedy

On October 12, So Cal was rocked with the senseless killing of eight people at Salon Meritage in Seal Beach. One of those killed was Michelle Fournier, a Lakewood resident. As a longtime Lakewood resident, I was in disbelief.

Brianne's Basics is proud to be participating in the Dollars For Dominic fundraising event THIS SATURDAY, November 5, from 2-6pm. The event will be at Tracy's Bar & Grill (5511 E. Spring Street in Long Beach). This event will benefit a trust for Michelle's children.

"For a $5 donation, attendees will enjoy hors d'oeuvres and entrees provided by Jill’s Gourmet to Casual Catering, and live music by MO50. Businesses and members of the community are encouraged to donate items for door prizes and a silent auction to be held at the event. Full menu and full bar are also available."

A Facebook page has been started for information & updates:

We are donating a gift certificate to the raffle, and a customized doll for the silent auction, plus other assorted items.

We are participating in this event because as a mother I feel for her family. If I were in that position, I would want to know my children were being cared for as well.

If you're a local, I encourage you to attend. If you're a business, I encourage you to donate something.

I hope to see you, or your business, at the event. Thank you!

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