Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kids Craft and Charity Corner: Coming To The Long Beach Sunday Market!

COMING AUGUST 1: Kids KraftKids Craft and Charity Corner: Coming To The Long Beach Sunday Market! Korner!

Starting on August 1, Brianne's Basics will be hosting a Kids Kraft Korner at the Long Beach Sunday Market.

Every first Sunday, the Market has an Arts Theme. So for our kick-off event, we're having the kids make Summer Journals, which are pretty cute and easy. We're asking all the kids to bring photos and mementos to make the books. We're also taking pictures for them to put in the books.

We're also kicking off monthly charity drives! For August 1, we're collecting both school supplies and items for the troops, benefitting Love In The Mirror and Soldier's Angels. (To see exactly what we're collecting, click on the links). Each month, we'll have a different theme and we'll be collecting different items.

Each craft is a $1-2 donation, depending on the craft.

I am very very excited to be taking on this project for this awesome Sunday Market! It's a very family-centric place. I have three kids, and I obviously do a ton of charity work. They say charity begins at home. So I'm trying to do more in the Long Beach area.

I was also inspired by Kids Are Heroes. Kids can change the world, one event at a time.

If you'd like more information on sponsoring a craft, or having us collect items for your charity, please contact Heather at heathercrownelson {at}

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

@briannesbasics has a new logo!

Brianne's Basics now has a new logo. I wanted something cute, fun, and angelic. I'm big on angels. I fully believe that we all have guardian angels, guiding us to where we need to be and what we need to do.

So I chose this logo. It's everything I wanted, and every time I look at it, I smile. That counts for something!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Support The Troops: The Craft Way!

We had a few items out today to raise funds for our adopted soldier from Soldier's Angels. Our best seller was the foam yellow ribbons! One lady bought 5 to put on her fridge, tree, & desk LOL We raised a few dollars, so we'll be using that to shop for items for our soldier. We're sending him a box in a few weeks, so hopefully we can raise even more next week!

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Long Beach Sunday Market

 Today, we were a last minute addition to the Long Beach Sunday Market @ Longfellow Elementary in California Heights. I've been to the Market quite a few times. Justina from Shortnin Bread is there nearly every week, and Charlene has a booth for the LB Depot For Creative Reuse. I had a FABULOUS time! It's a nice market, very family friendly atmosphere. I met lots of great people, some of whom are donating to us! We were invited to come back next week, July 18. There's going to be a Pie Contest, Live Jazz Band, & more. Looks for us near the picnic benches! To learn more about Brianne's Basics, go to To learn more about the Sunday Market, go to

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Friday, July 9, 2010

ANNOUNCING: Brianne's Bridal Basics!

Our Etsy store dedicated to charity party favors is now open!

How does it work? First off, you’d contact me at and tell me what type of party you’re planning. A wedding, a kid’s party, etc. You and I would design a simple and cute party favor. Each one would also have an awareness ribbon charm and/or awareness color ribbon. You’d also receive signs suitable for framing and displaying at the party saying something to the effect of “We have chosen to give $1 per guest to Kids Are Heroes. We invite you to learn more about this wonderful organization. Thank you for your support.”, etc.

Please visit our new store at

Wedding Party Favors!

I got to go shopping for my wedding favor supplies! I’m so excited! I came up with just a few ideas, though my head is positively bursting with new ideas!

All of these favors cost approximately 65 cents to cents to $1.25, depending on which you’d like. These are cute for weddings, baby showers, welcome baby, birthday parties, etc. Anything you can think of!

For more information, please email me at

Friends Like Us HUGS Program Kick-Off

We got AMAZING news today!

Sharreace and Tanya from LB Creative emailed me. At the August 30 mixer, not only will they be showcasing my crafts, but we’re also going to have an area where artists can make cards!

These cards will be donated to local hospitals as part of the Friends Like Us HUGS Program.

In addition, Lisa from the LB Depot For Creative Reuse will be setting up a collection box in her store for cards! So even if you can’t make it to the mixer, you can still donate.

If you’d like more information, please leave a comment.

I love Creative Reuse!

The Long Beach Depot For Creative Reuse is my favorite place to go for craft goodies. If you aren't familiar with the concept of creative reuse, it's essentially creatively recycling every day items. I can always find some cute goodies there! I encourage everyone to try creative reuse :-)

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Asian Flower Ephemera

Vintage Asian flower ephemera. What would you use them for? :-)

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Chinese New Year envelopes

These small Chinese New Year envelopes are perfect for artist trading cards, coupon, business cards, gift cards, and so much more!

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How You Can Help Friends Like Us

More big news! I’ve been chosen as the California Representative for the HUGS Program, by Friends Like Us.

The Cliffnotes:
We deliver handmade cards to children’s hospitals to brighten a child’s day.

What is the Friends Like Us HUGS Program?
The “hugs” part of our program is delivering hand-made greeting cards to children diagnosed with cancer in hospitals or cancer clinics in need of support. We feel they are getting a hug when they open up a card and the smile illuminates on their face. We want to be there to show them that they are not alone because someone does really care. What might seem like just a greeting card to us could be the very thing that brightens up their spirit and puts a smile on their face. That is reason enough to deliver hand-made greeting cards to every child with cancer.

Creative ways people will make cards:
A. Card parties! Invite people over to help make a night of helping others.
B. Talk to your kids’ school in getting kids involved.
C. Make family night card making night
D. Contact local youth groups; churches, synagogues, after school programs, day cares
E. Start a; Cards for Kids Cancer Drive

Be creative, but remember to stay positive and encourage a child. We have found that funny cards really bring a big smile. Try it and let us know how you are doing with the program. Thank you for your help and making a difference in a child’s life with cancer. You are the sunshine that is going to brighten up their day. If you have any questions or need anything, please feel free to contact me directly at or Friends Like Us at

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Large Chinese envelopes

Yesterday, Ryan, the kids, and I took a trip out to Chinatown. I love that place! I can always find goodies there. And yesterday was no exception. Not only did Ryan buy me a new bamboo (yay!), but he also bought me plenty of Green Food for my 3 bamboos LOL I found new red envelopes both large and small, and lots of ephemera. These are cute for pen pal envelopes! I may use a few and sell the others :-) Some of these will be up on my etsy store tomorrow!

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