Sunday, November 27, 2011

An Extra Special Doll For An Extra Special Person

I just spoke with the doll recipient, and she said I can blog it.

The extra special doll is for... LORETTA DEVINE! One of my favorite actresses!

We met at the Primetime Emmys, and she fell in love with my Sue Sylvester doll. She said she crochets, but can never get her stitches perfect like mine LOL A few weeks later, she called about ordering a doll. Out of respect, I never mentioned who the "extra special doll" was for. But I spoke with her tonight about delivery, & she said I can absolutely blog about it.

Ms. Devine is someone I admire, respect, and I'm a fan of. Not only that, she crochets. So creating this doll was an exciting and nerve wracking experience.

So here it is. I wasn't given any details or guidelines, she just told me she wanted a mini doll of her & she knew whatever I came up with would be "wonderful". What an amazing compliment!


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