Saturday, July 6, 2013

How One Flower Helped A Man Forget His Pain

My "Pay Beauty Forward" Flower Giveaway was a HUGE success & I have an amazingly beautiful story to share.

A man came to BeachCrafters, holding one of my flowers. It looked like he had been crying, & he walked straight up to me. He told me him & his wife were walking around when a little girl walked up & handed him the flower. Her mom told him where they received the flowers, & he came to find me & thank me.

His father had just passed away nine days ago. His wife convinced him to come to First Fridays to try & distract him for a bit. When the little girl gave him the flower, he started crying. He said in that moment he was reminded of the love, beauty, & kindness in the world. For that moment, his pain & grief was replaced by gratitude.

People tonight were truly beyond touched by my event. People who were going through their own difficult situations. All of them were so grateful to receive their flowers & excited to pass the second one out. I passed out 352 flowers tonight, but that one flower made a huge difference in that man's life, the little girl's life, & mine.


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