Friday, September 3, 2010

Charity Is A Work Of Heart... Show Your Guests That Also!

Brianne's Bridal Basics is expanding more & more even day!

We currently got new party favors. PLUS we're part of the So Cal Officiant Open House & Mixer on September 14!

You might be wondering, how exactly does this all work?

#1 You contact me at and tell me what type of party you’re planning. A wedding, a kid’s party, etc. You can also leave a comment here with your email & I'll contact you.

#2 You and I work together to create the perfect party favors or goody bags.

#3 I send you the box of favors, filled or unfilled (tba), plus a framed sign to display at the party saying something to the effect of “We have chosen to give $1 per guest to Kids Are Heroes. We invite you to learn more about this wonderful organization. Thank you for your support.”, etc.

#4 Favors run anywhere from 50 cents to $2 each. So this is a very cost efficient and practical way to add to your event!

#5 We decide on extra decorations, if any. Stickers, ribbons, etc.

It really is that easy! We can do party favors, birthdays, wedding, new baby, baptisms, etc. You name it, we'll do our best!

Please visit our new store at

Examples of our party favors:

* Yellow & white box: 35 cents each

* Maroon & creme fall box: 40 cents each

* Black & white bag: 40 cents each

* Black pillow box: 25 cents each

* Love frosted pillow box: 30 cents each


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