Friday, December 23, 2011

Our brand new online store!

We took the plunge & created a brand new online store:

Why did we create a separate online store? Well, it all comes down to money (seems like most things do!) By having a store on "other" websites, we were being charged ridiculous fees. We are a charity store, and those fees were cutting into the amount we were able to donate. So we figured, why not try to cut out the middle man, that way we have less fees & more to donate!

Go to the site & take a look around! The site is easy to navigate & use. To the left you'll see the pages for each amigurumi price level. To order, you simply choose which amigurumi you want & then click "Add To Cart". You can also leave a "note to seller" letting us know your color preferences.

We hope you enjoy the site, and as always, thank you for your continued support!


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